Independent Consultant Company

Single person company owned by

Kjeld Jørgensen

More than 20 years of experience within interlocking and automation systems ATC (ATS, ATO, ATP) in railway and driverless metro systems (e.g. Copenhagen S-train, present Copenhagen Metro and the new Copenhagen metro Cityringen).


Key qualifications:

Several years of experience of software based control and supervision systems from the electric power distribution and the oil/gas industries.


Gained good experience from various projects in requirement specification, requirement verification and in project and contract management.


Experience with commissioning, verification of railway/Metro systems, including experience with operational and maintenance procedures.


Comprehensive knowledge to international standards and requirements to safety critical systems.


Experienced in international negotiations (Danish, English and German) at a high technical level.


M. Sc. Electronic Engineering, from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - 1972



Danish (mother tongue), English, German


Professional associations:

Danish Society of Engineers (IDA),

Danish Society for Railway Transportation (JETRA)


Kløvertoften 37, 2740 Skovlunde - Denmark


+45 2961 2420

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